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How about a day at the beach: you cycle to Scheveningen on a nice and sunny day, rig your catamaran, hit the waves, maybe participate in a regatta and finish with a drink at the clubhouse? It’s all possible at the KZVS sailing club, and you’re welcome to join!

About the Club
The KZVS (‘Coastal Sailing Club Scheveningen’) is located 1 kilometer north of the Scheveningen Pier. The club has around 300 members and a maximum capacity of 100 boats. Currently there are places available, so there is no waiting list. The KZVS has its own clubhouse, the Roef, which has facilities like a dressing room, showers, a bar and storage space for sailing and supping gear. There is also a small playground for children. The sailing season runs from early April to late October. During the season the clubhouse is open every weekend and on some Wednesday evenings, depending on the weather. Members can get keys to the clubhouse and sail during weekdays, but for safety reasons you have to be out on the water with at least two boats. The club offers various activities, like regattas every Sunday, touring along the coast, and social activities like barbeques. It has its own rescue team on standby every Saturday and Sunday to ensure your safe return to the beach.

The KZVS is run entirely by members. Each member is asked to contribute one day a year to staff the bar or help out the rescue team. Also, each member has to contribute to either building up the club at the start of the season, or preparing for winter at the end of the season.

Sailing Experience
Prior sailing experience is needed before joining KZVS. Catamaran sailing at sea is much more demanding and difficult than monohull sailing on lakes. Learning to sail on a cat at sea is not recommended. The sailing level minimally required is the ability to sail a small open boat safely in all conditions. If your sailing level is below this, it is advisable to take sailing lessons on a lake first. If you sail a double-handed boat, the crew doesn’t need a lot of sailing experience (although it does come in handy).

At sea, accidents can happen. However, with the right precautions, cat sailing is a very safe sport. Therefore, safety is a priority at the KZVS. Firstly, you need to be able to sail. Also, you need a safe boat and all necessary safety equipment (such as a life vest, flares and proper wet or drysuit). Every Saturday and Sunday, a rescue team run by club members is on standby. The club has a fully-equipped motorboat to pick you up quickly if you have capsized, pitch-poled or lost your mast or crew (or all of the above!).

Boat and Equipment
As the club does not rent out boats, you need to have a boat of your own. You also need to provide all equipment like wetsuits, a cattrack and a trailer yourself. Before buying a boat, you are is advised to visit the club and ask members what kind of boat would suit your needs, what to pay attention to and where/how to buy it.

Sailing is a great, but sometimes time-consuming, hobby. Going to the beach, rigging your boat, getting dressed, sailing and then everything in reverse will take five hours easily. At the start of the season, you need to take your boat and gear from winter storage, bring it to the beach, set the mast and store your gear. This will take you half a day. Same goes for the end of the season. As most catamarans are double-handed, you might need a sailing partner. Ideally, he or she is willing to spend the same amount of time, money and effort on sailing as you.


If you are interested and want more information, just contact the secretary at  06-83970153 or send an e-mail to secretaris@kzvs.nl. During the season you are always welcome to take a tour at the club, sail along with a member and ask everything you want to know before joining.

See you at Scheveningen beach!


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